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“A man loses his sense of direction after four drinks; a woman loses hers after four kisses”



The concept of Cure is based on the premise that people go to bars as a de-stresser; a remedy of sorts. Cure is a place where people go to unwind & mingle, no loud, cheesy music— just good food & drinks in a more intimate setting; a weekly fix.

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Inside Ford | Greg Moss

Greg Moss lives in Southampton, England. Through this piece titled “The Works” Greg brings us closer to the people working behind the factory walls of the automobile giant that mastered the art of mass-production.

Unfortunately, the factory was later closed.

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Firmalt    |

“Kuona means “Find” in Swahili, an African language. Highways and streets that connect small African towns served as inspiration for this identity, including elements such as maps, signage, and street signs. The typography used for this project takes from highway letterforms, which are especially designed to be legible from far off distances. The letter “K” was modified to resemble a pointing arrow, and the result is a strong icon that represents the core business idea: finding your way.”

Firmalt is a multidisciplinary design studio that provides unique creative solutions that develop and position brands. We create strong visual concepts that communicate clear ideas, add value, and differentiate from the competition.

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